Version 2 – December 2015

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 I’m making some quick notes on a re-organisation of the text following comments from Jennifer Lin and a re-consideration of what I’m trying to achieve here. The core point is that the collection represents the evolution of my thinking over time. That means two things, one is that pieces should be represented in more or less unchanged form in the order in which they were written. The second is that only those threads that show a development that is coherent are really interesting. This will mean reverting a bunch of changes, and re-organising many of the pieces. Most radically it suggests removing entirely the section on peer review, perhaps keeping one piece in the research assessment section.

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 The new organisation requires the following:

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  2. Add to the introductory essay some commentary on what the purpose and organisation of the book is. This will go on the end. There may also be a prefatory piece to explain the Emerson quote.
  3. Remove initial section, “How I got into…” moves to the section on personal perspectives, “A call to Open” gets dropped.
  4. Section on networks needs the initial piece rewritten, internally “Best practices…” will get added and the pieces are re-ordered into the order of writing. “Scarce narratives…” is moved to a final section
  5. Peer review section is dropped entirely, maybe do a short book later using these to discuss perspectives on peer review?
  6. Sciences and Arts, becomes “A personal aside…”, rewrite introduction to frame it as a step away from the main thread of the book, “Who do you get to say I am” moves to final section. Possibly move “A Citizen of the Network” into this section?
  7. Context and engagement stays the same but gets re-ordered to date order. A more recent piece might fit in here?
  8. Research and assessment, intro needs rewriting to frame this as the integration. Put into date order but needs a piece that touches on the social/incentives structure piece that is more recent than 2011
  9. New section “Syntheses” which includes “Scarce Narratives…”, “Who do you get to say I am…” and “The Road Less Taken”
  10. Re-write final essay as a knitting together of those threads and touches on the future ideas framed as problems.

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